Tip of the Week: 1/25 – 1/29 ~ Review and Update Your Member Profile

Periodically check the information listed in your institution’s MEMBER PROFILE. Often the information is not current, which can be problematic. The RESPONSIBLE PERSON(s), as listed in the profile, are the only person(s) with whom account specific information will be discussed and/or shared. Take a moment now to review the info and update if needed.

-Jola Sliwinski, EFTS Program Coordinator

Tip of the Week: 11/30 – 12/4 ~ Check Your Reports

Check your reports! Your Report for the Current Accounting Month is “real-time” and the most accurate reflection of your EFTS account’s current balance. Sign in with your LIBID and password, then click the link on the left that says “Reports.” Logging in at least once a month to view your Reports is not only an effective way to prevent overspending, but you can also be sure there are no erroneous charges posted to your account! The EFTS system processes all transactions that are uploaded or entered manually. It does NOT have the capability of verifying the information. Every member is encouraged to review posted transactions for accuracy.


Jola Sliwinski,  EFTS Program Coordinator